NOESA from Berlin, the most luxurious skincare products in the world, offers a top SPA facial experience session in Singapore for the first time!
Paying SGD$320 in advance, experience cutting-edge technology of cell care and luxurious SPA services in TOP 5 five-star hotels.

Boost and achieve effect in this 60-minute spa session. High-Tec DANADEM brings nutrients directly into the bottom layer of the skin, while super Biophotons substances-ALCHEMETICS activates the cells, improve the quality of the skin from the cells, and optimized cells’ ability to self repair, which makes you look younger and younger!

NOESA cutting-edge cell care technology—two globally exclusive patents→DANADEM and ALCHEMETICS.

⊙DANADEM-It’s secured by 9 patents and it’s similar to the membranous structure in the skin. It’s the best carrier of ALCHEMETICS into the bottom layer of the skin. That’s the biggest difference between NOESA and other skincare brands.

⊙ALCHEMETICS are valuable Biophotobic energy substances, which can activate cells and give cells the ability of self repair and optimization.

Wanna witness and experience the magical effects of NOESA products?
Admission for this wonderful SPA session is limited. First come, first served!

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