The highest Energy of Life is the Light of Life. It exists in photons (e.g. sunlight) as well as biophotons which is the light power stored in plants. Biophotons provide natural vitality for skin cells, helping them recover and rejuvenate. NOESA uses the exclusive “low-key distillation” to extract biophotons from these plants and transform them to be a super energy substances called ALCHEMETICS.

ALCHEMETICS consists of ennobled, programmed biophotons and is based on valuable wild plants. It contains a maximum of natural light power. ALCHEMETICS is life energy as a biological substance. Producing the Living in ALCHEMETICS costs much more than it takes to produce something synthetic. Dead chemicals are least expensive – they can be mass-produced. ALCHEMETICS is different. It is handmade and is based on valuable plant extracts. Therefore, all NOESA products are luxurious in the positive sense of the word.They represent the highest level of quality available today. Only NOESA works with ALCHEMETICS.