NOESA, the only care line in the world that works with the biological energy of becoming which is also known as biophotons, is based in Germany. Biophotons, the light power stored in plants, can provide natural vitality for skin cells and help them recover and rejuvenate.

NOESA believes that the key to successful skin care is actually cell care. If you really want to care for the cells of the skin, you should give the cells what they really want. "Cell care instead of skin care" This is Noesa. The activity level of cells will determine your skin condition. When your cell is full of vitality, you will look younger than those who are at your same age.

NOESA, the pioneer of cell art from Berlin, will radically change what you think you knew about skincare.



Raffles Hotel

Address:328 North bridge Road #01-23raffles Hotel Arcade Singapore 188719

Store phone number:9754-6967
Service time:Mon. - Sun. 11:00am - 07:30pm